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Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, Michael Schmidt (Eds.):

Radiation Exposures by Nuclear Facilities

Evidence of the Impact on Health



Proceedings of the International Workshop on the German Society for Radiation Protection (GSS; Gesellschaft für Strahlenschutz e.V.) on the University of Portsmouth, 9 - 12. July 1996, Portsmouth, England, supported by Deutsche Umweltstiftung, Germersheim, and the Royal Society.

48 articles, 400 pages, many figures and tables, ISBN 3-9805260-1-1. EURO 49,oo.

A change of paradigm has occured in the science of radiation biology in the last few years. This has been caused by two extensive studies on occupationally exposed persons which confirmed that no threshold exists for effects, not only at the cellular level, but also in complete organisms, and that the low dose induction of cancer by low LET radiation is real.

The results of the 1996 international Workshop of the German Society for Radiation Protection at the University of Portsmouth, England, are gathered in the present volume. For the table of contents please turn over.


Alice Stewart: Fifty Years of Studying A-Bomb Survivors

Horst Kuni: Dose-Response Relationship of Low and High LET Radiation

Horst Kuni: Temporal Distribution of Radiation Induced Leukaemia

John W. Stather: The Biological Basis of Radiation Protection - Standards for Low Doses of Ionising Radiation

Wolfgang Köhnlein, Rudi H. Nussbaum: Inconsistencies and Open Questions Regarding Low-Dose Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Eve Roman: Ionizing Radiation and the Epidemiology of Cancer in Children and Young Adults: Findings from the UK

Wolfgang Hoffmann: Review and Discussion of Epidemiologic Evidence for Childhood Leukemia Clusters in Germany

Richard Wakeford: Malignant Diseases near Nuclear Facilities - Epidemiological Studies Conducted in North America

John Bithell: Testing for Elevated Risk near Point Sources with Special Reference to Childhood Leukaemia near Nuclear Installations

Estelle A. Gilman: Investigating Disease Clustering

Jean-François Viel, Dominique Pobel: Childhood Leukaemia Around the French Nuclear Reprocessing Plant (La Hague): The On-Going Research

Sidney Lowry: Investigation into Alleged Radiation Induced Diseases from Sellafield Nuclear Power Station along the Irish Coastline

David Richardson, Steve Wing: Evidence of Increasing Sensitivity to Radiation at Older Ages among Workers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

George W. Kneale: Sensitivity to Cancer Induction by Radiation. A Parametric Model for Variation with Exposure Age and Cancer Latency

Steve Wing, David Richardson, Donna Armstrong, Douglas Crawford-Brown: A Re-Analysis of Cancer Incidence near the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant

Xiao Ou Shu, Leslie L. Robison: Parental Pre-Conception Diagnostic X-Ray Exposure and Risk of Childhood Leukemia

Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, Heiko Ziggel: Dose-Effect Considerations for Childhood Leukaemia in Populations with Repeated Low Dose Exposures

Carol A. Robinson, J. R. Simmonds, A. W. Phipps, C. R. Muirhead, F. A. Fry: An Assessment of the Risks of Leukaemia and other Cancers in Seascale from Sources of Ionising Radiation

Rupprecht Maushart: Monitoring Emissions from Nuclear Facilities: Could Relevant Activities Escape Undetected?

Edwin H. Haskell: Luminescence Techniques for Dose Reconstruction in Accident Situations: Possibilities, Limitations and Uncertainties

Anna Heimers, B. Dannheim, I. Grell-Büchtmann, H. Schröder, I. Schmitz-Feuerhake: Chromosome Aberration Analysis in Persons Living in the Vicinity of the Nuclear Power Plant Krümmel

Vladimir A. Shevchenko, Galina P. Snigiryova: Biological Dosimetry in Contaminated Areas: Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, Techa River, Three Mile Island

John R. Goldsmith, Ella Kordysh: Evidence of Excess Bone Cancer in the Vicinity of U.S. and U.K. Nuclear Installations

Hazel Inskip: Childhood Cancer in Seascale

Wolfgang Hoffmann, Eberhard Greiser: Epidemiologic Evaluation of Leukemia Incidence in Children and Adults in the Vicinity of the Nuclear Power Plant Krümmel

Horst Kuni: A Cluster of Childhood Leukaemia in the Vicinity of the German Research Reactor Jülich

Eve Roman: Reproductive Outcome in Medical Radiographers

Louise Parker, Heather O. Dickinson, Julian Smith, Keith Binks: The Health of the Offspring of Sellafield Employees

Nelly N. Izmajlova: Medical and Genetic Radiation Effects in Children Exposed as a Result of the Chernobyl Accident Residing in the Contaminated Area of the Kaluga Region, Russia

S.Lesley Prosser, K. A. Jones: Human Measurement Data: An Aid to Model Validation

John D. Watterson, Ken W. Nicholson: The Effects of Food Preparation on the Radionuclide Content of Food

John R. Goldsmith: Health Effects in Emigrants to Israel from Areas Contaminated by the Chernobyl Explosion

Robert R. West: Occupational and Environmental Exposures to Radiation and Myelodysplasia: A Case Control Study

Vadim V. Chumak, Sergey V. Sholom, Larisa F. Pasalskaya, Jury V. Pavlenko: Retrospective Dosimetry with Teeth: Way from State-of-Art Laboratory Technique to Routine Tool

Valeri E.Galtsev, E.V.Galtseva, Ya.S.Lebedev: Human EPR Dosimetry at Low Accumulated Dose of Ionizing Radiation

Georg Schabl: EPR-Spectrometry on Calcified Tissue: Methodological Considerations Concerning Reliable Dose Reconstruction at Low Doses

Bettina Dannheim, I. Grell-Büchtmann, A. Heimers, W. Hoffmann, A. Kranefeld, H. Schröder, I. Schmitz-Feuerhake: Assessment of Radiation Exposure by Analysing Unstable Chromosome Aberrations

Vladimir A. Shevchenko, G.P. Snigiryova: Applicability of Translocations in Chromosomes of Lymphocytes for Retrospective Assessment of Absorbed Doses (FISH-Method)

Edwin H. Haskell: Luminescence Techniques for Dose Reconstruction in Accident Situations: Technical Aspects and Results of Application

Michael Schmidt, Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, Heiko Ziggel: Evaluation of Nuclear Reactor Releases by Environmental Radioactivity in a German Region of Elevated Leukaemia in Children and Adults

Otfried Schumacher: Performance of the Environmental Monitoring Program for Nuclear Facilities in Germany: Possibilities of Unrecognized Exposures

Arthur L. Sanchez, D.L. Singleton, A.D. Horrill: Survey of Radionuclides around Nuclear Sites in England and Wales

Daniel F. Gluzman, I.V. Abramenko, O.S. Vasilenko, M.L. Simonet, A. Moutet: Aberrant Lymphocytes and Sensitivity to Apoptosis at Low Dose of Radiation

Ralph Graeub: The Reality of the Petkau Effect

J. Kluson, Tomas Cechák: Dosimetry of External Photon Fields Using Unfolding of Scintillation Gamma Spectrometry Data

Regina Müller, Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake: Comparison Between Deciduous and Permanent Teeth in Relation to their Utility for EPR Dosimetry

Vera Pozolotina, I. Molchanova, E. Karavaeva, A. Aarkrog, S.P. Nielsen: Distribution and Biological Effects of Radionuclides in Terrestrial Ecosystems Affected by Nuclear Enterprises in the Southern Urals

A. Trapeznikov, A. Aarkrog, I. Molchanova, S.P. Nielsen, V. Pozolotina, V. Trapeznikova, P. Yushkov, M. Chebotina, E. Karavaeva: Radioecological Characteristics of the Techa-Iset-Tobol Rivers; Including Floodplain Ecosystems (The Urals)

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